Hey there! I’m Zak or, as my friends and coaches call me, Chommers.
This is my second year as an Executive with the club, I’m also the Social Co-ordinator so if you ever want to grab a pint and play some pools or darts, it’s kind of my specialty;)
As the Clubs unofficial “Resident Ukrainian”, as well as the Social Coordinator for the USS (Ukrainian Students Society). If you’ve never been to a good ole “Zabava”, or are looking to potentially learn about the culture, I can let you know about Ukrainian cultural events going on in the city, and how you can experience them!
I’m currently in my fourth year of my combined Kinesiology and Education degrees and having a blast doing it! I am also doing a Certificate in Sustainability, and hope to teach Outdoor Education when I graduate.
I absolutely love the outdoors and spending all the free time I can out it in the bush, running though this, climbing that, hiking up those big hills called the Rockies! I LOVE sports, running, biking, camping, hiking, climbing tall things for the summit pictures, eating lots of food, volunteering, good friends, and especially meeting new people and hearing their stories!
I can usually be found hanging out in the club room, so feel free to come visit me during my office hours!