Trip sign-ups

The UAOC is a student run organization, and while we make every effort to prevent having to reject people from joining a trip, it often occurs that there are a lot more people wanting to go on a trip than there are spots available. For this reason we have established a set of rules and tips to govern sign-ups for UAOC trips:

  • Start by filling out the Google Form that corresponds to your trip, you can usually find these in the UAOC Weekly Newsletter.
  • One sign-up per person, although it doesn’t have to be the person going on the trip (ie. your friend could sign you up for the trip)
    • Just to elaborate on that last point! The individual who is signing up for you (Your Proxy) cannot also be signed up for the trip. Unfortunately, if your friend is also trying to get on the trip, they can’t proxy for you. Please don’t ask executives to proxy for you.
  • Show up to the trip lottery at the place and date located either in the Google Form or in the Newsletter.
  • Trips are assigned by Lottery, drivers are chosen first – then once the driver spots have been filled, all applicants are selected from a general pool.
  • Typically 5 members will be selected for a waitlist.

Trip Refund Policy

  • For trips costing less than $50 the club will issue a full refund only if the cancellation is made at least 5 business days before the trip is to take place or if the vacated spot can be filled by another club member immediately
  • For trips costing more than $50 please talk to one of the executives