Sydney Hampshire. Grew up in La Glace, Alberta. I will be in Edmonton this summer working on my thesis and trying every spare moment to escape the city. I’m currently in my Master’s of Science in Rehabilitation Science looking at how people that are in manual wheelchairs push themselves in virtual reality and the real-world. This is my first year with the club and I’m the Treasurer/Archivist. I’m really looking forward to hiking, canoeing, and cross country skiing/snowboarding. I can’t pick just one cool place in ‘Berta, there are too many cool places everywhere! Nothing beats a canoe ride in a lake surrounded by thick forest up North, a hot day hike out on the prairie, or a cool mountain stream fly-fishing for cutthroats with a dry fly. If you smiled at that, that’s why you should join the club! My party trick is the splits – chalk it up to a handful of years in gymnastics. Ask me anything and remember to have a good time!