Premier Sponsor



MEC has chosen UAOC as one of their community partners. They donated nearly $2,000 of gear for the club in early 2007 and give a discount on all gear the club purchases. In the Fall semester, the store is closed and exclusive access is given to UAOC members who receive discounts, door prizes, refreshments and information seminars. They also provide prizes for club activities, and offer occasional activities for club members. (MEC can not provide discounts to individual club members except for on the annual Club Night.)

Secondary Sponsor

Bring your membership card to the following locations to receive a discount on merchandise. Edmonton locations only, and you must present card before purchase.

10% off trips
TRACK LOGO 10% off except Yellow Tag items
10% off everything
10% off except boats & trailers
10% off gear and accessories
10-25% off gear and rentals

Other Groups

HI Canada helps host many of our events by providing us a great time at many of the hostels. HI Shunda Creek, HI Edith Cavell, HI Jasper
The Alpine Club of Canada provides all UAOC students each year with a free membership, as well as invitations to many guest speakers!