You can signup for the club online or in person! Follow the instructions below:

To sign up in person: 

Go to the student services desk in the basement of the Van Vliet Complex, located on the lower level, at the “You are Here” peg of the map below. Ask to sign up for the Outdoors Club, and they will take care of the rest!

For online registration:

Start by navigating to this URL for Activity Registration.

Click “Browse our Programs”.

Click the “Club Sports” tile.

Click the “Outdoors Club” tile.

There are two different memberships for the University of Alberta Outdoors Club. If you are currently a student with the University of Alberta, select student membership which should cost you $15. If you are a non-student the fee should be $30. You can do this by clicking on “details”, followed by “login to register”.

Depending on your previous participation in club sports activities, you may already have an account, in which case you will input your ualberta associated email (if you’re a student) and password. If you’ve never been a student or this isn’t working for you, you will merely have to create a new account. 

Once you have registered, you will place your membership selection in your cart, and pay. If you have any problems trying to register with these instructions please send us an email: