Trip Leader

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There is the city, in which I keep myself occupied with pipettes, lab coats and viruses. And where after a long day I enjoy all pleasures any city has to offer.

And there is the exciting, retreating, beautiful, wonderful outdoors! What I love so much about the outdoors you ask? Oh, it may be the first glimpse of the mountains that, coming from one of the flattest countries on earth, never fail to strike me with their colossal size. Or the activities like hiking, canoeing and climbing, despite the sore muscles I feel days and days after. Or the cheerful company and campfire dinners under night skies found nowhere else.

Perhaps it’s the mere contrast between the both. But even writing this makes me wonder what I’m still doing on this computer (and what you are doing reading this!). Let’s get together and go out there, we are missing out!