Special Events Planner

Hi There!

This is my third year in the outdoors club and my first year as an UAOC exec (I’m also half of the special events coordinator!).

At the U of A I’m in my fourth (and final!) year of computer engineering. When I’m not studying you’ll find me hiking, biking, snowboarding, or pretty much doing anything that involves being outdoors. I’m not an expert outdoors person but I’m always game to try something new! Since joining the Outdoors club I’ve taken up climbing, done some ice climbing, and tried out slacklining. UAOC is an awesome club for every one of all levels, so come try out new things and share what you already know!

You can meet me on the upcoming Jasper Kickoff trip, as well as on some backpacking trips, hostel trips, and at the fire nights.