Hi beautiful people,

My name is Jason Zhao. Growing up around the end of the Himalayas really helped to start my journey in the great outdoors. Being deep inside of the mountains, looking a thousand metres ahead, listening to the sound of the wind, feeling the light touch of snow, that is what brings me the joy and satisfaction I cannot use words to explain. In one of my outdoors friend’s words “what a great time to be alive.” Mountain have so many meanings to me. It is where I leave my stress and tears, and rewarded with happiness and friendship that I have never dreamed of. 

This is my 3nd year with the club! My first trip with the club was Banff Kickoff in 2017, led by legendary executive, Courtney. I enjoyed that trip so much and eventually went on 5 trips that year! The people of the community are truly what makes this experience awesome! I enjoy climbing, surfing, snowboarding and hiking very much. You will see a lot of me at the climbing centre, trips and pub night. Please feel to be yourself and come say “hiiiiiiiii”, I won’t bite(or will I?) 😉

Your outdoors friend,