Steven Noël, Vice-President 17-18

Hey Everyone,

My name is Steven Noël; some of you have met me in my five years with the club. I’m entering my third year as an exec and will be assuming the role of co-Vice-President (Member Safety). Together with my co-Vice-Presidents, and with the amazing support of all our executive team, I will work to ensure that the end product—the dozens of trips that we all love so much—are executed in way that is organized, enjoyable, and, beyond all else, safe.

In my spare time I’m a student in the final year of my B.Sc. majoring in the Biological Sciences and minoring in Creative Writing. My real fun begins, however, when I drive four hours (south)west, something I did nearly 30 weekends last year. I live for the mountains, where I spend my time alpine climbing, scrambling, ski touring, and mountain biking. I supplement these with smatterings of hiking, landscape/wildlife/adventure photography, and snowshoeing, and emerging interests in ice climbing and ski mountaineering.

Look for me leading trips to high places in varying combinations of beautiful and scary. Alternatively, stop by my office hours. I’m always happy to talk mountains, trip planning, gear, or whatever is on your mind.

Two Feet and a Heartbeat,