Nitin Chidambaram, Equipment Officer, 17-18

Hey everyone!

I’m Nitin and I’m one of your gear officers for the outdoors club! Rock climbing, backcountry skiing, trail running and mountaineering are among my many interests in the mountains. Nothing gives me more happiness than climbing rock, so you’ll see me in the climbing gym a lot (well, I’d rather climb real rock, but you know, winter). If you don’t see me there I’m probably running and exploring our wonderful river valley trail system! Or thinking about some cool math as part of my PhD (yup, that’s the other thing I spend a lot of my time doing:) )

Come by and say hi at the gym or on the trails! I’m really looking forward to organizing a few backcountry ski trips this winter (keep your eyes open skiers)! See you out there and hope you enjoy the mountains with the UAOC 🙂