Gregory Gould, Marketing Director 17-18

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Greg, although most of the executive team inexplicably calls me Gerg. I was lucky enough to have been dragged along a lot of adventure seeking as a young kid. From Kayaking on the West Coast of BC and Hiking & Backpacking in the interior Alberta, being exposed to the outdoors really helped me develop as a person. (And making a ton of active friends along the way never hurts, have you ever met a negative person who would walk 15km uphill for the fun of it?)

Pursuits in the Outdoors have also helped me become terrible at more sports (read: Ice Climbing) as well as help me develop my skills as an Adventure Photographer.

In my short (5 year) term as a Computing Science student at the University of Alberta I have seen the UAOC expose an extraordinary, although subtler side of Canada to thousands of students. I’ve also seen it highlight a more social side of what is usually referred to as a research university (Related Reading).  I’ve seen a ton of students grow as people alongside this club, and it would be awesome to see many more follow in their footsteps.

“If you want something you’ve never had. You must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” ― Thomas Jefferson


Trips Led:

Larch Exploring (16 people, Lake Louise, 2016)

Canadian Rockies Photography Tour I – Ice (16 people, Icefields Parkway, 2017)

Jasper Kickoff (72 people, Jasper, 2017)

Canadian Rockies Photography Tour II – Fall (16 people, Lake Louise 2017)


Canadian Rockies Photography Tour III – Ice (16 people, Nordegg, 2018)