Anders Cowper, Trip Leader 22-23

Pretty in #Periwinkle is what a lot of my friends would hashtag to describe me. Somehow I managed to claw my way into the U of A, failing out of Engineering and having to settle for Rocks.

Other cool things about me are that I routinely enjoy taking part in an incredibly inane sport. Cross Country skiing doesn’t allow me to see as much as hiking would (because I’ve strapped myself into sticks that aren’t capable of turning, and additionally require a groomed path) and is not nearly as fun as regular downhill skiing. I’ve become so proficient at this sport that I additionally both don’t enjoy myself AND don’t get to see anything.

You’re probably asking yourself where this narcissism comes from, and you’d be correct in assuming that I hail from the one place on the planet that’s both more terribly situated AND demonstrates a large superiority complex with it’s relation to Edmonton. If you don’t think I don’t relate to that, you’d be dead wrong. If at any point you feel like conversing (did I mention I’ve been to Norway several times) you can find me idling my car in the HUB parking lot doing my part to contribute to global warming.

Check out my insta, I have a ton of practice taking photos of mountains (read: ego) but it doesn’t seem to matter because I’m still terrible at it.

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