Trip Leader

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Heya friends, I’m Susie. I am in my last year at university and am super excited to spend it with the fabulous execs of the Outdoors Club!
I love the wilderness. I have spent many summers hiking in Europe and camping in the United States. I love running with my dog and getting lost in the open air. Last year I hitchhiked from London to northern Sweden, it was an awesome experience!
I love Canada and its wonderful outdoors so much that last year I transferred from school in the UK to stay here. The Outdoors Club has been one of the greatest adventures of my time at university. Our family is a mad one, and I am honoured and proud to be a part of it.
This year I am sooo excited to be leading trips into the outdoors! I’m ready for the camping, the cooking, the skiing, hiking, and laughing. Let’s bring on those exhausted Monday mornings that only follow weekends of campfires and mountains!