Trip Leader

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Hey folks,

I am one of your trip leaders I have been with this amazing club going on 4 and half years. During my time with the club I have meet people from the far reaches of the world. I have gotten inspiration from their stories and experience to go traveling the world. I am a do it all kinda guy, if you say lets jump that gap or swim some Rapids (with a PFD of course) I’m your man. I love to climb and getting people addicted to it. If I didn’t start climbing I would be doing white water kayaking. I have grown up in the Canadian winter sleeping in canvas tents and hauling wood. I have a tendency to go off trail to explore what is on the other side of the trees, hill, rocks or river. You will find me mostly climbing through out the week and trying my hardest to get on real rock. With a big outdoors welcome I invite you to join our club and experience what this land has to offer.