Vice President

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Hello there, I’m Devon!

You’ve managed to find us here, so you’re probably interested in getting outside! Fantastic, we can help you get there.

This is my third year with the UAOC, and my second year leading trips. I’m excited to be one half of the two Vice-Presidents this year, overseeing the trips that will bring you into Canada’s Great Outdoors.

My passion is being self-sufficient; long backpacking trips and scrambling up high are my hobbies. I’m serious about climbing, so expect to see me around the “Cone” almost always. Cross country skiing, and winter backpacking are some of my cold-weather past times. I travel frequently and spontaneously; my bucket list resembles more of a birthday wish list. Sometimes I forget to smell the flowers, but generally I’m dozing off in them.

The group of people you’ll meet at the UAOC are dynamic, elfish folk, grounded in positivity and mountain paths. Get involved early, and sit back as you get swept up in weekend getaways and day trip excursions.

See you on the trails, walls, and rivers!