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Welcome fellow adventurers to the university of Alberta outdoors club!

My name is Courtney Schafer and I’m heading into my second year here at the U of A taking a BA in French studies. I partook in my first adventure with the club in September 2015 on a hosteling trip to Banff. The trip was such a blast and the atmosphere and love for the people on that trip had me hooked! To meet so many people from all over the world who also have a love for the outdoors and to be able to share new experiences of exploration with those people is what makes this club so amazing!
I myself try to be out and about exploring the great outdoors as often as possible and am always up for trying something new! I’m an avid hiker, biker and snowboarder, as well as a wannabe climber. This club has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to the U of A and all levels are welcome!! If you’re looking for some adventurous experiences and meeting really incredible people you’ve come to the righty place!
As your social coordinator you’ll see me around Edmonton often at our pub nights and fire nights as well as as many camping and hosteling trips! Looking forward to meeting you!