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My name is Adam. I’m in my final year of attaining a Bachelor of Education in the Secondary Route. This year I will spend a good part of my time as a student teacher. When I’m not going to be in a classroom dealing with angsty teenagers, I plan on spending as much time adventuring with the UAOC as possible.

I joined the club in Fall 2014 after roaming around clubs fair. After one trip I knew this was a dynamic, empowering and fun community that I wanted to be a part of. My experience at the University of Alberta has been made so much richer and meaningful thanks to the people and experiences I have had with this student group. Coming up is my second year as an executive and I hope to continue sharing these experiences with students from all walks of life and all over the world.

This fall, you will find me and my Tiger, Agatha (you’ll see) on some of our bigger trips.  I’m taking the lead on our 60 person Jasper Kickoff Camping trip this September and I’ll be gallivanting around for our first big hostel trip in October.

Before I head into graduation and do adult stuff, it’s my goal to give the UAOC the most enriching and memorable New Years Trips Ever. This will be my third year taking the 36 hour bus ride down into dreamy deserts and sublime coastal vistas. If you want an experience like no other during your Uni experience you have found it. I am excited to be part of the team bringing it to you once again.

Beyond the UAOC and teaching my favourite things are nachos, playing with my little brother Tyler, roller blading, David Bowie, anything to do with Harry Potter and cardigans.