Hello everyone! My name is Nathalie Klinger, and I am so excited to be your Communications Officer/ACC Liaison this year. This position will have me in charge of sending out our regular newsletter as well as maintaining and building ties with the Alpine Club of Canada- Edmonton chapter. I intend on running some pretty kick-ass trips this year as well!
This is my 5th year as a university student and my 5th as a UAOC member. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always loved camping, hiking, and just generally hanging out in nature. In high school I started going on weekend canoe trips and hiking trips with the Outdoor Ed club and that opened my eyes to what excellent friendships can be formed by exploring the outdoors with others. This year I am really looking forward to contributing to the growth of the excellent community that we have within the UAOC.
Some outdoor activities that I love are hiking, backpacking, cycling and paddling (canoe and kayak). Recently, I’ve gotten more into climbing and cross-country skiing, and this year I’m hoping to further my skills in these sports.
I’m looking forward to many excellent adventures this year. Can’t wait to see you out there!