Hi friends! My name is Paige, and this will be my second year with the club, and my first year as an executive. Although this is only my second year of university, this club has been the greatest thing for me thus far! I joined the Outdoors Club in September 2017, and my first trip was Banff KO.

To be honest it was SUPER intimidating at first, but I quickly found that this club is full of so many amazing and supportive people! In just one year of being involved with the club, i’ve grown so much as a person and have already made so many life-long friends. Ive also gotten into backpacking and climbing, and I have learnt so much more along the way! (….One of those things being that I’m the most ungraceful cross-country skier alive)

When I’m not out adventuring, I’m a first year nursing student, and a huge baseball fan! (Go Blue Jays)

I cant wait to make memories with you all! Come to my office hours and lets chat!