Wow! What a great year our team has planned for our 80th birthday! We’ve planned so many things for our community this year, you’ll be hard-pressed to take advantage of all of them. Here’s a bit about the club this year and then a bit about me.
First off, we’re rolling out official Outdoors Club Nalgene bottles this year, in two beautiful color combinations. See the link on our website: XXX. They’re available at our office during office hours for $15 (cash only) – that’s cheaper than commercial retail! Second, our star team of execs have put together a record 3 Kick-Offs this year. Our Kick-Offs are our biggest trips of the year, held in the warmth of the September sun and focusing around big campfire evenings and fun day hikes for all skill levels. You’ll find me this Fall on the Jasper Kick-Off and a beginner-oriented Climbing trip.
My journey with the club comes to an end this year after 4 years of wild & wicked hooliganery. I’ve met countless friends in this group and I’ve said bye to many of them who’ve gone on to do great things. Even more of these humans have stuck around and become pillars of my life. The people and structures that make up this organization have given me so much, that I only see it as fair to spend my last year giving back to the my full potential.
The strength and vibrancy of this club is powered off the passion, dedication, and vision of its executive and members. If you had an incredible experience on a trip this year and want to say “thank you” – to a specific exec or to the organization in general – please feel encouraged to email us at or drop an anonymous comment in this form:
Get out there and get involved! Say hi! I can’t wait to meet you.