Hello everyone,
I’m Connor Wang (王毅敏), an international PhD student in mining engineering. I had many first-time
experiences with UAOC, including first cross-country skiing, first backpacking, first scrambling and first
mountain biking. It is in these UAOC trips where I learned most of my outdoor adventure skills. I really
enjoy this club and feel like contributing to the club so that more beginners can get a chance to witness
the magnificence of nature like I did. Nature not only releases me from routine mental work, but also
motivates me to keep fit (so that I can get closer to it). There is the Rocky Mountains offering perfect
locales for all kinds of outdoor activities. I have to take full advantage of it.
Besides, I am keen on hockey and have spent quite some time practicing skating and stick handling. If
you have the same hobby, we may practice or play some shinny games together. Other than that, I
spend most time doing some computer programming for data analysis. As a more or less introvert,
sometimes I can be very quiet and silently stare at my screens all day. But it doesn’t impede me from
participating in outdoor activities, as lots of communication goes without saying when I am adventuring
with people sharing the same interest.
All in all, I hope to see you on some UAOC trips, no mater you are beginners or experts in outdoor