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Borrowing equipment from the UofA Outdoors Club is a cheap and easy way to suppliment your outdoors gear. We almost never have any problems with people stealing or damaging our equipment; however, some simple rules are in place to to avoid those rare occurrences.


There is no cost to borrow equipment

The cost of our equipment is covered in your membership fee. We need a deposit of $50 cash for each item borrowed. You will receive this money back when you return the equipment in good condition

We require a deposit

We need a deposit of $50 cash for each item borrowed. You will receive this money back when you return the equipment in good condition.

We may require credit card information

To prevent theft and destruction, we need to keep a copy of your credit card number and expiry date. We need to see the credit card itself, so be sure to bring it to the office. We keep your information locked up. If you do not have a credit card, or do not want to use it, there are other options such as a full cash deposit, which will work as well. If this is an issue, just let us know and we’ll figure something out.

If you wreck or do not return an item, you will be charged for the replacement as well as a $150 fee if we take the money from your credit card.

You must provide photo ID

Driver’s license, OneCard, passport are all fine. International students have to provide their passport number. This is for identification purposes.

You can reserve equipment in the office only

An executive will show you how. There is a $50 deposit for each item reserved with a cap at 500$ (the exception being our StormKing tent: Ask us for further information). Please tell us ahead of time (at least one week) if you are cancelling your reservation or else we will keep your deposit. You can pick up your deposit when you come for your equipment

**Other Hints**

We have many members

We have a lot of members who are interested in borrowing equipment, and sometimes there isn’t enough. To avoid disappointment on large trips, (like New Year’s) reserve early!

Please Return Equipment On Time and in Good Condition

Always try to get the item a few days before you need to use it, to make sure it’s there. Sometimes other borrowers are late in returning their items. Please do not abuse our good nature and force us to implement late fees.

Where are the tent poles?

Always check the item you are borrowing before you leave the office to make sure that it is what you want, and that everything is there [ie. tent has poles]. Sometimes things get separated in our storage closet.