Equipment Officer

Welcome to the UAOC!
My name is Devon Keiran and I’ve been involved with the Outdoors Club since I decided to tag along on the September 2014 Weekend in the Wilderness backpacking trip. On that trip, and all of the ones that followed, I met and made lasting memories with people from all over the world. I hope to now provide the same experiences to all of you!
I am a mechanical engineer by education and an avid hiker by nature. I thoroughly enjoy spending all day hiking mountains (16 times this summer!), backpacking deep into nature, bouldering/climbing at the PAW, and sleeping under the Milky Way. I also dig surfing, and just love traveling in general!
You will find me on the Devon to Edmonton Canoe trip, Jasper Kick – Off (a must), a Cabin Fever trip, and hopefully every single one of the fire and pub nights!
Looking forward to seeing you in our great outdoors!