Hey y’all!

My name is Danielle Petter and I’m Vice President of the UAOC this year! This is my first year as a club executive, and I’m super stoked to be involved in planning & running some rad events and trips for you this year! I’m in my second year of environmental studies, and when I’m stuck in the city you can often find me doing laps in the pool, playing ringette, or out rollerblading and exploring all the wonders that YEG has to offer! When I can get to the mountains, I love skiing, hiking, backpacking, and maybe even pushing myself to do some climbing or mountain biking! A wise man once told me “your comfort zone is your worst enemy” – let’s try and push our limits together!

I can’t wait to share my love and appreciation for the outdoors with all of you, check out www.leavenotrace.ca for some tips on how we can all enjoy nature more responsibly & sustainably. See you outside!