Join the Club

Prices are $15 for students and $30 for non-students. If you’ve already joined another Sports Club in an academic year – you will experience a $5 discount. This is due to students needing to pay a $5 Campus and Community Recreation Fee.

As a member you will get:

  • The opportunity to come on our trips
  • Free use of our club gear
  • Added to out mailing list so you can hear about events and anything we feel our membership would be interested in.
  • Be able to post outdoors related messages to all members on our list.


Member List Email:

This will give you access to the club mailing list, provided that you are a club member. If you are a member but have had a message rejected by the mailing list, please notify the exective. Please follow these guidelines to reduce spam. We have removed the filter so please behave and use common sense.

  • Do:
    • Try and orginize your own event (e.g. climbing, camping, backpacking)
    • Try to sell outdoors related items (e.g. chalk bag, sleeping bag)
    • Promote events or activities that are related to the outdoors (e.g. seminars, awareness meetings)
  • Do Not:
    • Waste poeples time or fill their inbox with blank emails, birthday invitations or comments
    • Try to sell non outdoors related items (e.g. Dixie Chicks tickets, printer)


Facebook: UAOC Group


You can join our UAOC Group on Facebook. Use it to meet people, upload pictures, chat with fellow members, and plan trips!

Instagram: @uofaoutdoorsclub

Mailing Address:

U of A Outdoor Club

Research Transition Facility (RDF)

Room 1-021

8320 114 St NW

Edmonton, AB T6G 2V2, Canada
University of Alberta