I’m born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. I will be staying around in Edmonton this summer just working! No grand exciting adventures for me unfortunately, but hopefully a lot of weekend trips out to the mountains! This past year was my first year active with the club, for next year I am really hoping to run mountain biking trips as in my opinion it is a fairly underrated sport and would love to get you people out there shredding the trails! Goals for this year is just to relax and enjoy the university experience! I think so many people become so fixated with school and marks that they forget to slow down and enjoy it, especially in university when there are soo many opportunities around you. Unfortunately I am not a very talented person, the only place you’ll hear me sing is in my car. A fun fact about me is that I broke my ankle and spent my 18th birthday in the hospital in a nervous wreak about the surgery (it went totally fine). Outdoors club is by far the best place to make new friends, I’ve been apart of other clubs, been in lecture halls, said hello to people around campus, but theres nowhere like the outdoors club where people are soo friendly and open to talk to you about anything!