Hey everyone! My name is Amandine and I am pumped to be a member of the executive team for this coming year! I recently joined the outdoors club this past year because I loved the sense of community that is within the club. It is such a welcoming, fun and cool club on campus with so many opportunities and experiences, you are missing out if you aren’t apart of it! As an exec, I’ll be running trips and community events as well as helping out throughout other trips! I really enjoy hiking, camping and rock/ice climbing so I’m hoping to run some backpacking trips, hostel trips and climbing trips! If I had to pick my favorite club trip that I’ve been on it’d be Banff Bonanza so go if you have the chance! This year, I’d like to learn and experience more about the outdoors with all of you and continue making connections with new people. Little bit about me: I grew up in Red Deer and I’ll be heading into my fourth year of nursing. This summer, I have the incredible opportunity of participating in an internship in Tanzania, and travelling around Europe and Africa afterwards for several months! Fun facts: French is my first language and my name is both a potato and a yummy pie and this is all I could come up with so stay tuned for more!