Communication Officer/ Social Media Wizard

Welcome to my mini autobiography

I’m going into my fourth year within the Faculty of Education this year. My major is Social Studies and this year I start Student Teaching.

I bet that you will have a  sublime time this year if you join The University of Alberta Outdoors Club. I bet you will have an even greater time if you come on one of our trips. It wasn’t until my third year until I joined the club (I was just wandering around clubs fair and I thought this whole Outdoors thing looked cool). Last year, my experiences with the club changed my life! I have met many lifelong friends from around the world while hiking and exploring while on these trips.

This year, I could not be more excited to be apart of our team of executives. You can see me at our Jasper Kick Off Trip AND at our Banff Kickoff Hostel Trip. (where I can hopefully show you The Columbia Icefields area…where I spent a Summer working at the Hotel there). I’m also going to be very involved in leading runs in our running group and i’m leading an Owl Banding trip in late October. You can also find me in your weekly emails, which are written and sent by me , as well as through many of our Facebook and Instagram posts.

That is enough about me. Here is a haiku

White Winter Ocean

Let Me Dream of Cruel Nature

While I Smell the Dirt