UAOC_webThe University of Alberta Outdoors Club (UAOC) has been an active club on campus for 81 years. We offer a variety of outdoor trips, experiences, social events, educational opportunities, free equipment rentals, local retail discounts, and opportunity for the most experienced and inexperienced to challenge themselves in a variety of activities. We run all of our trips at cost with the help of local sponsors and a dedicated team of volunteer executives. In the past, our activities have included camping, hiking, scrambling, climbing, canoeing, rafting, mountain biking, backcountry trips, skiing, snow shoeing, ice climbing, winter camping, weekly runs, ice skating, and an annual New Years Trip to California.

The club is designed to introduce outdoor experiences to our new members but also to provide the networking opportunities to our most experienced members. By appealing to such a broad base of outdoor enthusiasts it goes without saying that the club provides the chance to improve and educate oneself in the interdisciplinary skills required (or not required) to enjoy the outdoors. We believe in participating in Canada’s greatest cultural and natural heritage and hope to provide that opportunity for everyone.

Check out a short video created by one of our alumni executives Gregory Gould.