Trip sign-ups

The UAOC is a student run organization, and while we make every effort to prevent having to reject people from joining a trip, it often occurs that there are a lot more people wanting to go on a trip than there are spots available. For this reason we have established a set of rules and tips to govern sign-ups for UAOC trips:

  • Start by filling out the Google Form that corresponds to your trip, you can usually find these in the UAOC Weekly Newsletter.
  • One sign-up per person, although it doesn’t have to be the person going on the trip (ie. your friend could sign you up for the trip)
  • Show up to the trip lottery at the place and date located either in the Google Form or in the Newsletter.
  • Trips are assigned by Lottery, drivers are chosen first – then once the driver spots have been filled, all applicants are selected from a general pool.
  • Typically 5 members will be selected for a waitlist.

Trip Refund Policy

  • For trips costing less than $50 the club will issue a full refund only if the cancellation is made at least 5 business days before the trip is to take place or if the vacated spot can be filled by another club member immediately
  • For trips costing more than $50 please talk to one of the executives