I am excited to be entering my third year with the outdoors club and my second year as an executive member.
I am a tinkerer by nature, and one of my favorite places to be is in the shop or lab working with my hands to build something. That’s why I came to university to study electrical engineering. However, all that time spent driving yourself hard mentally to complete projects and other schoolwork takes a toll after a while, and that is where the outdoors club comes in for me.
The outdoors club has provided me with countless opportunities to step outside, unwind, broaden my perspective, and remember what is really important in life. It can be hard to drag myself away from the school books, but I always come back feeling refreshed and ready for the next challenge.
I became an executive for the outdoors club because I want to share that experience with others. I want to be a part of getting as many people outside as possible to gain a deeper appreciation of the world around us and have some shared adventures together!
This year, you can expect to see me on mountain biking trips, climbing trips, or studying in engineering quad!